The Internship Team

The Internship Team is a three-way partnership among the student intern, the faculty mentor, and the organizational sponsor that provides UMA/CIS an oppotunity to peform as a trained IT professiional in a professional setting. In addition, the internship project should give students invaluable experience working with and for trained, experienced IT professionals to observe how they do their jobs,to develop professional relationships, and to learn to pattern their behavior on the behavior expected of experienced IT professionals. For this reason, the CIS Internship Experience may be the most difficult, and yet the most valuable course that the CIS Program has to offer.

The work completed by the student intern is expected to parallel or exceed job performance expectations. These expectations include responsibility, productivity, professionalism, and well-defined IT skillsets. Some, but not all, positions award monetary compensation (an hourly wage or a project stipend) for the work performed.

As a valued member of the Internship Team, you are invited to review your benefits and your responsibilities by visiting the respective partner link on navigation bar: Interns, Faculty, Organizations.

The Opportunities link displays any current internship opportunities. Organizations who would like to sponsor an intern may contact the Internship Coordinator, Diana Kokoska, at 207.262.7864 or email your job opportunity to and it will be displayed on this page. Students, if you are seeking an internship, in addition to this page, you may want to visit Interns | Deliverables | Finding an Internship for other resources that may have current opportunities.

The Q & A link is a page that gives quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Internship Experience. If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can use the Contact Us link to email us with a specific question.